Spring Cleanup

Our spring cleanup consists of removing all debris from the beds and lawn. In rare cases there are enough leaves to vacuum and will be charged extra. At this time we also will be edging the beds. The last step will be to tine rake the lawn. This helps clean debris out and also stimulates the lawn to grow. We then clean all paved surfaces including walks and the driveway of sand and debris.


We begin mulching once our spring cleanups have been finished. We also remove any weeds before applying the mulch. We apply either a brown/black spruce or red/brown hemlock mulch.

Weekly Lawn Visits

Mowing will occur for 26 weeks starting last week of April/first week of May. We mow weekly to maintain a grass height of approximately 3-3.5” Where possible direction of cutting is alternated to increase lawn health and appearance. All edges are string trimmed, and all driveways and paved areas are blown off to finish. We consider our fall visits to be part of our weekly visit program so please read that as well.

Annual Flowers

We can plant annuals in your planting beds to accent your property and give it color year round. Usually this starts in May/June and can be done throughout the year.


We can keep your lawn looking great with fertilizing. This is a 7 step program; 5 fertilizer, 1 grub and 1 lime application. If your interested please give us a call.


Pruning Starts in June/July and helps to keep your shrubs looking good. This also helps to control the size of your plants so they dont get overgrown.

Bed Maintenance

Starting in June, we can visit your property on a bi-weekly program. This will consist of weeding the beds, fertilizing any annuals, and cleaning up the bed edges. This should help keep your landscape beds looking clean and crisp all season long. Please call us for more information. We may also do light pruning at this time as we see fit.


Aeration is used to loosen up the soil. Fall is the best time to aerate and overseed. The weather conditions are perfect and the weeds are dying off and not nearly as aggressive as in the spring. This is good to do because when the soil gets compacted, there are less air pockets which help soil to hold nutrients, water, and air for the lawn. It also will increase microbial activity which will help to provide nutrients. Seeding after the aeration is a good practice. This will help to repair damaged spots on your lawn, and help to thicken it up for the next year.

Fall Visits

Fall visits are done automatically for our weekly mowing clients. At the end of October, when the grass stops growing and leaves begin to fall we will be visiting your property roughly every two weeks. Instead of the weekly charge we will charge by the hour at this time. We will be re-sending this information in greater detail to our weekly visit customers when the fall comes.

Other Services

Other services we offer include:

  • Lawn Repair
  • Walks,Patios
  • Plantings
  • Weeding
  • Snowplowing
  • Light Tree work and Brush

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